Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend 2-pack

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Description: 2 bottles/pack, 65g/bottle. Flavor: sea salt, sesame, garlic and onion. Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend is a divine mixture of black and white sesame seeds, dried minced garlic and onion, sea salt flakes, and poppy seeds. This blend is reminiscent of your favorite bagel variety but jives with a lot more than just the crusts of white bread. It's a classic blend of seasonings that bagel makers have been using for perhaps a hundred years. This game-changing seasoning blend mimics the toppings that are featured on the classic everything bagel. With a dash of Everything blend, you get crunch, salt, toasty pungent bits, and nutty notes in one bite. It automatically gives almost any food item that you dust it with a trendy upgrade with little to no effort on your end. Here are some ways to use this versatile seasoning: Sprinkle it on avocado toast for a satisfying crunch. Add it to hash browns or breakfast casseroles for an extra flavor kick. Use it as a rub for grilled salmon or other meats for a savory twist. Mix it into dips or dressings for an added depth of flavor. Sprinkle it on roasted veggies or eggs to elevate their taste. So go ahead and add this pantry staple to your kitchen. Just be sure to check your teeth after everything-seasoned experience.

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