Morton 4 Lb Canning and Pickling Salt 4-pack

Image: Morton 4 Lb Canning and Pickling Salt 4-pack

Description: 4 boxes/pack, 4 Lb/box. Kosher. Preserve the very best of the season with the Morton 4 Lb Canning and Pickling Salt. This all-natural salt is designed for ultimate preservation, blending easily with liquid to create a clear brine. The brine helps to preserve and bring out the flavor of your favorite canned creations. The Morton Canning and Pickling Salt is perfect for canning and pickling, cooking, baking, marinating, and brining. It comes in a bulk 4 lb. box with an easy-to-lift tab, making it ideal for back-of-the-house kitchen use. When preparing your favorite canned or pickled foods, use only Morton Canning & Pickling Salt. Unlike table salt, it does not leave a sediment at the bottom of the jar. Use vinegar of 5 or 6 percent acidity. Before processing, carefully examine jars for nicks or cracks as chipped rims prevent a good seal, and cracked jars may break during processing. Ensure your pressure gauge is accurate before processing. Finally, make sure finished jars are firmly sealed with no leaks. With Morton Canning and Pickling Salt, you can easily preserve the farm-fresh flavors of your wholesome vegetables, making your own delicious dill pickles, and providing long-lasting flavor and freshness to your delicious offerings.

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