Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt Flakes 737g

Image: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt Flakes 737g

Description: Net weight: 737g/box. Texture: salt flakes. Kosher, no additives. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt Flakes is a brilliant natural salt that has been developed over 130 years ago using a craft evaporation process. This process creates unique hollow, multifaceted salt crystals. Unlike other kosher salts, Diamond Crystal does not use additives1 and it even contains 53% less sodium by volume compared to table salt. This salt is chosen by chefs for its simplicity, purity, and coarse texture. The unique hollow crystals are coarse enough to pick up and fragile enough to crush between your fingers for perfect seasoning. It's the original no-additive, natural scratch cooking kosher salt. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt Flakes is a dynamic salt for cooking. It's particularly helpful when roasting vegetables, blanching vegetables, making quick pickles, oven-baking meat, brining, seasoning fish or chicken wings, and salting pasta water. The large grains of this kosher salt are easy to pick up and sprinkle over dishes. They dissolve quickly on the tongue and have a clean, rather than super salty flavor. They adhere to vegetables while roasting and balance the sweetness in buttercream without changing the texture. So whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt Flakes is the perfect choice for elevating your culinary creations to a whole new level.

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