The Spice Lab India Black Kala Namak Mineral Salt 113g

Image: The Spice Lab India Black Kala Namak Mineral Salt 113g

Description: Net weight: 113g/bottle. Flavor: sulfer. Vegan and GMO-free. The Spice Lab India Black Kala Namak Mineral Salt is a unique culinary ingredient that adds an authentic touch to your dishes. This mineral salt, also known as Himalayan black salt, is a popular choice among vegans and vegetarians for its distinctive "eggy" flavor. The product is Kosher certified and natural, making it a healthy addition to your pantry. It is used sparingly in the preparation of various dishes such as raitas, yogurt dishes, salads, and even fruit salads. It also serves as a finishing salt to fried noodles and rice dishes. However, it is not recommended as a cooking salt, as the sulfur tends to overpower. To use this product, start with just a bit and increase the flavor to taste. It pairs well with earthy, toasty spices like roasted cumin and coriander, and with bright acids like citrus and berries. If you want to add the eggy taste of Kala Namak in a dish, then reduce the regular salt amount or substitute it completely. It makes Tofu Taste like Hard Boiled Eggs. Used in Tofu to give an egg taste. Kala namak black salt health benefits are known to relieve intestinal gas and heartburn. This Mineral Rich Black Salt is High in Iron, it is made by heating Himalayan Salt and Iron to create this mineral rich Salt.

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