Soeos Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain 1.1 kg

Image: Soeos Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain 1.1 kg

Description: Net weight: 1.1 kg/bottle. Texture: fine grain. Soeos Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain is a high-quality, gourmet pure crystal pink salt that is nutrient and mineral dense for health. It is free from all additives, dyes, and preservatives, and without any processing. This salt is ethically sourced from the depths of the Himalayan mountains of Pakistan. The mineral contents naturally occur in beautiful pink color, making it the highest-quality Himalayan pink salt on the market. People use this type of salt and common table salt in the same way: As part of cooking, to season meals, and to preserve food. You can use Himalayan pink salt while cooking, grilling, baking any dish such as meat, vegetables, fish etc. You can also sprinkle it on various food items such as omelets, salad, fruits etc. It can even be used for bathing. Soeos is a renowned spice and herb brand beloved by chefs and culinary enthusiasts bringing fresher ingredients to every kitchen. They take your satisfaction as their highest priority.

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