Redmond Real Salt 454g Ancient Kosher Sea Salt 2-pack

Image: Redmond Real Salt 454g Ancient Kosher Sea Salt 2-pack

Description: 2 pouches, 454g/pouch. Texture: coarse sea salt. Kosher. Experience the goodness of nature with the Redmond Real Salt Ancient Kosher Sea Salt. This unrefined, mineral-rich sea salt is mined with no additives from an ancient seabed in Utah, safe from modern pollutants. It's not just salt, it's Real Salt, bringing a subtly sweet flavor that enhances your food and makes every bite more enjoyable. The Redmond Real Salt is not only "Kosher Certified" by the Orthodox Union, making it approved for the Jewish community, but its slightly larger granulation size also fits the definition of "Kosher Salt". This makes it perfect for a variety of uses in your kitchen. This coarser, chunkier, flavor-enhancing Kosher salt is great for a variety of food preparations. Meat Rubs: Enhance the flavor of your meats by using this salt in your rubs. Baked Potatoes: Sprinkle some on your baked potatoes for that extra burst of flavor. Soups: Add it to your soups and experience the difference.

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