Morton Iodized Salt 737g

Image: Morton Iodized Salt 737g

Description: Net weight: 737g/canister. Iodized salt. Morton Iodized Salt is an all-purpose salt that supplies iodine, a necessary nutrient that promotes thyroid health. This product comes in a 737g (26oz) canister and is perfect for everyday use, from cooking and baking to filling table salt shakers. It is easy to use and features uniformly shaped crystals, making it the perfect salt when precise measurements are critical. Iodized salt is a form of table salt that has had the micronutrient iodine added to prevent a disease of the thyroid gland called goiter. You can use iodized salt as a seasoning or baking ingredient as you would regular table salt. Adding iodized salt to your diet can help address an iodine deficiency and is generally safe to consume. However, there are additional factors to consider when consuming iodized salt, such as health benefits and dietary iodine.

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