Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 240g

Image: Maldon Sea Salt Flakes 240g

Description: Net weight: 240 g/box. Flavor: sea salt. Texture: flake. Maldon Sea Salt Flakes are loved by chefs and shoppers all over the world for their soft, flaky texture and clean salt flavor. These sea salt flakes are hand-harvested off the coast of Maldon England using traditional artisanal methods that have been in use for over 140 years. The perfect balance of natural minerals in Maldon Sea Salt Flakes enhances the flavor of all natural and fine foods, without leaving any bitter aftertaste. To use Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, simply sprinkle a pinch over your dish before serving. The soft, crunchy flakes will add a fresh intensity and depth of flavor to any meal. Try using Maldon Sea Salt Flakes as a finishing salt on grilled meats, roasted vegetables, or even desserts like chocolate chip cookies or caramel sauce. Maldon salt is a prestigious and unique product known for its flavor and quality and sought after by the health-conscious and gourmets alike. Maldon salt is perfect to elevate your classic cocktail to the next level by seasoning or decorating. Pure and natural, no additives.

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