Falksalt Sea Salt Flakes 250g

Image: Falksalt Sea Salt Flakes 250g

Description: Net weight: 250g/box. Texture: sea salt flakes. Kosher. Falksalt Sea Salt Flakes is harvested from the pristine waters of the Mediterranean, these white pyramid-shaped sea salt flakes are a culinary delight. The product is manufactured in Cyprus, ensuring you get a taste of the Mediterranean in every pinch. The sea salt flakes have a granulometry of 4-12 mm, with 70% of the flakes falling within this range. This unique size gives the salt flakes a distinct texture that adds a new dimension to your cooking. Chemically, these sea salt flakes contain 98.71% sodium chloride, 0.16% calcium, and 0.12% magnesium. They are free from additives like anticaking agents and iodine, making them a natural choice for your kitchen. Falksalt Sea Salt Flakes dissolve more slowly than regular table salt, triggering pleasant sparks each time a flake hits your tongue. The color and scent of the flakes add an extra flourish to every dish or dinner table. You can use these sea salt flakes as a finishing touch to any dish. Simply crumble the delicate flakes and allow them to add a pinch of refinement. They can also be incorporated into baked goods for a subtle crunch and saltiness. When marinating meat, score the edges of the meat and sprinkle salt on liberally to reach the inner core. Allow the meat to absorb the salt flavor and cook as desired. Falksalt is Organic, Halal and Kosher certified.

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