Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt 3 Lb

Image: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt 3 Lb

Description: 3 Lb/box. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is a high-quality, all-purpose cooking salt that is certified kosher for Passover. This pure kosher salt contains no additives and has 53% less sodium by volume compared to regular table salt. It is made using a proprietary evaporation process that creates unique hollow, multifaceted salt crystals, perfect for controlled seasoning in your kitchen. The larger salt crystal size makes it easier to pinch and sprinkle atop your finished foods than table salt, ensuring your foods are not over-salted. This versatile ingredient can be used for seasoning meats prior to cooking, rimming margarita glasses, making marinades, and much more. Whether it's blended into sauces, used for garnishing vegetables, or tossed with your popcorn, it will add an extra pinch of savory flavor to anything you make. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is renowned for its exceptional quality and unique texture. It is a staple in both professional kitchens and home cook's pantries. Many professional chefs and avid home cooks are vowed by its superiority and exceptional performance in flavoring food. It strikes the perfect balance between enhancing flavors and not overpowering them. This versatility also allows you to use it across various cuisines, from savory dishes to sweet confections. This kosher salt is really a dynamic salt for cooking, and it's particularly helpful when roasting vegetables, blanching vegetables, making quick pickles, oven-baking meat, brining, seasoning fish or chicken wings, and salting pasta water. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt is endorsed by the American Culinary Federation. Pure and Natural with no GMOs. Sticks to food for fuller flavor.

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