Bug-A-Salt High-Performance Salt 510g

Image: Bug-A-Salt High-Performance Salt 510g

Description: Net weight: 510g/pouch. Gluten free. Bug-A-Salt High-Performance Salt is a specially crafted salt designed to enhance your hunting experience with the Bug-A-Salt gun. This salt features a larger grain size for higher impact on target and an anti-caking agent to improve performance. The salt comes in an 18 oz stand-up pouch with a twist top pour spout, making it easier to pour and reload your Bug-A-Salt gun. To use the Bug-A-Salt High-Performance Salt, simply twist open the top spout of the pouch and pour the salt into the reservoir of your Bug-A-Salt gun. Make sure to follow the instructions provided with your Bug-A-Salt gun for proper loading and usage. This salt is perfect for use while BBQing and adds great taste with zero calories. However, it is important to note that ingesting large quantities of this salt may increase blood pressure.

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