OmniBlue Ocean Minerals (by OmniBlue)

Image: OmniBlue Ocean Minerals (by OmniBlue)

Description: 59 mL/bottle. 12 servings. Take 1 tsp (5 ml) daily. OmniBlue Ocean Minerals build cumulative effects as the minerals integrate into your system. Within two to three weeks of taking OmniBlue, people consistently report deeper sleep, improved digestion, more immunity to colds and sickness, better performance exercising and more energy. Many practitioners report that their patients are experiencing clearer thinking, quicker reflex responses, more resilient nervous system and increased conductivity in the nerves. OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are produced from the powers of nature, with no human interaction of any kind, direct from our remote, pristine reef locations to your bottle. Each batch takes twelve to fourteen months to mature. It's 100% Certified, pure and naturally harvested ocean electrolytes as naturally occurring macro and trace minerals. No additives or alterations. Made in GMP-certified facility in the U.S.

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