Peet's Coffee Dark Roast Organic Ground Coffee French Roast

Image: Peet

Description: Net weight: 18 Ounce. Flavor: French Roast. Peet's Coffee Dark Roast Organic Ground Coffee is 100% Arabica Coffee. Chocolate truffle, smoke, caramel. A meticulously grown, deep-roasted coffee that is a bold dedication to flavor, farm and future. Brewing Methods: Our ground coffee is perfectly suited to make drip or a pour over in your Chemex. Incomparable Organics: Our organic coffees must not only pass USDA Organic certification, they must meet our own exacting standards for quality and exceptional flavor. Freshness You Can Fact Check: Freshly roasted coffee means a more flavorful cup. We print the roast date on each and every bag for maximal transparency, and ensure you receive it within 90 days for the optimal experience.

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