Yuho Rice-Shape Konjac Noodles

Image: Yuho Rice-Shape Konjac Noodles

Description: Net weight: 3.35 lbs. 8 pouches/box. DIETARY FRIENDLY: Shirataki Konjac noodles are approved for these special diets: Keto, Paleo, Certified Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Vegan, Kosher, Blood Sugar-Friendly. HEALTHY NOODLES: Low-carb, 0 fat, 0 sugars, you can enjoy the classic dishes you know and love. They contain zero calories and less than 3 gram of carbohydrates. PROMOTES HEALTHY: as Konjac-based pasta, YUHO konjac noodle promotes healthy weight loss with a delicious food staple that's only 5 calories per serving. People has embraced konjac as a healthy, affordable ingredient. It has been welcomed into sophisticated mainstream dining. LIGHT BUT FULFILLING: It's similar to ramen, as far as taste goes, they are very mild-tasting, which means that they're perfect for adding spices to and creating whatever dish you dream of. QUALIFIED PRODUCT GUARANTEES YOUR FOOD SAFETY WHILE ENJOYING GLOBAL CUISINE: Shirataki pasta has fulfilled the qualification of FDA, CFIA, AQIS, EFSA and other importers of food standards for production, through the CIQ, which is the formal inspection of exports. Also, it managed to meet up with safety standard (ISO22000, HACCP HALAL certificated factory).

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