Ottogi Korean Style Sesame Flavor Instant Noodle 5-Pack

Image: Ottogi Korean Style Sesame Flavor Instant Noodle 5-Pack

Description: 5 packs, 4.05 oz/pack. Flavor: sesame flavor. Asian Style Noodle Ramen - The most popular product of Korean instant noodle. Traditional Sesame Flavor Korean ramen, with roasted sesame and sesame oil to give you a sweet aroma and taste with your instant ramen. Number One consumer's satisfaction ramen: Ottogi ramen have the number 1 consumer's satisfaction reviews in Korea. Ottogi America with the exclusive knowledge and experience of Korean foods. The top priority is serving America with a diversity of Traditional High quality Korean food products. Ottogi brand which have been proven their #1 marketability and popularity from many other countries in Asian and Eastern Europe. Sesame Flavor Noodle: Sweet and Rich flavor of soup, base on the ingredient of premium roasted sesame and dehydrated egg blcok. One of the heart warming instant noodle only Ottogi offers. 0% TRANS FAT, 0% CHOLESTEROL. Easy to make and ready to eat in minutes.

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