Ottogi Jin Ramen Mild Flavor Korean Instant Noodle 18-Pack

Image: Ottogi Jin Ramen Mild Flavor Korean Instant Noodle 18-Pack

Description: 18 packs, 4.23 oz/pack. Flavor: mild. Asian Style Noodle Ramen: The most popular product of Korean instant noodle. The best traditional tasting Korean noodles, with a mild soup broth that any age can enjoy. Number One consumer's satisfaction ramen: Ottogi ramen have No. 1 consumer's satisfaction reviews in Korea. Ottogi America with the exclusive knowledge and experience of Korean foods. The top priority is serving America with a diversity of Traditional High quality Korean food products. Ottogi brand which have been proven their #1 marketability and popularity from many other countries in Asian and Eastern Europe. Jin Ramen Mild: Every package comes with chewy noodle with mild taste from soup broth packets. Plenty of More vegetable such green onion, mushroom, carrot creating a authentic traditional Korean flavor with every bite. 0% TRANS FAT, 0% CHOLESTEROL. EASY & CONVENIENT: Instant ramen at it's finest easy to make and ready to eat in minutes. A simple and quick meal such as a late night snack when you don't want to cook. Don't be afraid to also add in other garnishes that can go well with your ramen. Such as eggs, bean sprouts, even rice cake. With extra vegetable packets and ramen broth soup based packets included, it makes it very convenient to carry and travel with as well.

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