Nongshim Shin Original Ramyun Bowl 12-Pack

Image: Nongshim Shin Original Ramyun Bowl 12-Pack

Description: 12 bowls. 3.03 oz/bowl. Nongshim Shin Ramyun is a classic, customizable ramyun to your preference by adding ingredients you think are the best fit for you. This is a dish that’s there for you any time of day or night. There’s a warm, savory, rich spice throughout the broth that satisfies from bite to bite. Item Form: Powdered. The additional toppings of shiitake mushroom slices, carrots, and scallions add some welcome bits of texture as you eat. The shiitake mushrooms in particular give nice meat-like textures. The broth shares the stage with the noodles a little more, which is great because the noodles have a great consistency and springiness from start to finish. WARNING: Spicier than your average instant noodles. If you’re afraid of the heat you can use a little less of the soup powder packet. It will take the edge off a little but you’ll still get to enjoy a warm, savory, rich spiced broth.

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