Nongshim Soon Kimchi Noodle Soup 6-Cup

Image: Nongshim Soon Kimchi Noodle Soup 6-Cup

Description: 6 cups, 2.64 oz/cup. Flavor: Kimchi. If you're shy about kimchi or want to introduce this trendy flavor to a friend, you should start them out with this product. This product brings forth a smooth, well-rounded kimchi soup flavor with mild spiciness. Despite Kimchi being a fermented food, this product does not have much of a sourness note to it, making it widely appealing to a wide range of people. Comes with actual fried kimchi flakes, adding another dimension of kimchi flavor to this product. Perfect grab on the go meal for lunch, especially if you’re hungry. The noodles go a long way to fill you up with the super-flavorful broth, leaving you satisfied. Plus, it’s vegan, so you’re not feeling guilty about having all that deliciousness in the middle of the day.

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