Lemonilo Ramen Chicken Curry Noodle with Turmeric 6-Pack

Image: Lemonilo Ramen Chicken Curry Noodle with Turmeric 6-Pack

Description: 6 packs, 3.53 oz/pack. Flavor: chicken curry with turmeric flavor. CHICKEN CURRY SOUP: Inspired by the iconic stir-fried ramen recipe, Lemonilo's Chicken Curry Soup is a tantalizing treat for the tastebuds. Our noodles, made with a wholesome mixture of wheat, cassava flour, and tumeric, are served with an exciting blend of savory spices. You'll crave the fresh, authentic Asian flavor of Lemonilo. OVEN-BAKED NOODLES: Better noodles, instantly. Most instant ramen noodles are deep-fried, resulting in higher fat and trans fat content. Lemonilo Ramen is oven-baked for a healthier option free of trans fats. QUICK MEAL: Ready in under 5 minutes. Boil dry ramen noodles for 3-1/2 minutes, or microwave for 4 minutes, then drain. Prep bowl, adding three seasoning packets and cooked ramen. Combine with 1/2 cup hot water and stir to enjoy delicious Lemonilo Ramen. NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Purely made with all-natural ingredients. Free of artificial colors, flavors, MSG, and preservatives, Lemonilo Chicken Curry Soup contains only the most colorful and flavorful ingredients made by mother nature. EAT LEMONILO RAMEN: Maximum flavor, minimum effort. Lemonilo Ramen reinvents instant noodles, packing a healthy premium meal into an easy-to-prepare package. Lemonilo is perfect for satisfyingly easy dinners at home, fast lunches, late night munchies, or grab-and-go travel food.

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