It’s Skinny Pasta Variety Pack 6-Pack

Image: It’s Skinny Pasta Variety Pack 6-Pack

Description: 6 packs. 9.52 oz/pack. This variety pasta pack includes 4 different bags of pasta: 2 Spaghetti, 2 Fettuccine, 1 angel hair, and 1 rice. ENJOY PASTA REIMAGINED: Open your mind to a fresher way of eating. It’s Skinny is the healthy pasta that gives you all the twirlable, sauceable, irresistible goodness you want, without the carbs you don’t. Try all four craveworthy shapes (2 Spaghetti, 2 Fettuccine, 1 Rice, and 1 Angel Hair) with the It’s Skinny Variety Pack. COMFORT FOOD, MEET KONJAC: Konjac is an ancient plant native to Southeast Asia that’s been used for thousands of years. Konjac noodles are low-carb, high in fiber and fill you up without the high-calorie counts found in most pasta. Tasting great is just the meatball on top. CRAFTED FOR DELICIOUS CREATIVITY: It’s Skinny noodles are made specially to capture your favorite sauces and broths. From marinara and meatballs to hearty noodle soups to creamy seafood risotto, there’s no comfort that It’s Skinny can’t complete. ONLY 9 CALORIES PER BAG: One bag of It’s Skinny Pasta has only 9 calories, so you can fill your bowl to the brim with the good stuff you love, without filling up on carbs.

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