Chuster Tri-color Spirals Pasta 3-Pack

Image: Chuster Tri-color Spirals Pasta 3-Pack

Description: 3 packs, 12 oz/pack. TRADITIONAL HOMEMADE TASTE & TEXTURE: Chuster’s tri-color spirals macaroni pasta make the ultimate comfort food. With its colorful round spiral shape, deep yellow coloring, and buttery, savory bliss, our premium tri-color spirals macaroni style pasta is sure to satisfy every tastebud at the dinner table. VITAMIN ENRICHED, IRRESISTIBLE TASTE: Fill your bowl with the most wholesome delicious pasta and indulge yourself guilt-free. Our tri-color spirals macaroni pasta are not only trans-fat free with no sodium but also packed with B vitamins, riboflavin, folate, and niacin. A TRULY VERSATILE PASTA THAT FITS EVERY OCCASION: Tri-Color spirals pasta noodles are a truly versatile staple to creating timeless classics & contemporary creations. Our pasta serves as the perfect base, whether it’s one-pot meals, cheesy baked casseroles, or pasta salad. AL DENTE PERFECTION IN 15 MINUTES OR LESS: All of our quality pastas make the perfect foundation to a nutritious and enjoyable meal. Our pastas welcome every sauce and always cook to perfection. Simply toss in salted boiling water, and dinner’s on the table in no time. Our linguine noodles are perfect for individuals or large families. They’re also certified 100% Kosher, so everyone can indulge.

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