Samson Q2U USB and XLR Dynamic Microphone

Image: Samson Q2U USB and XLR Dynamic Microphone

Description: Model: Q2U. The Samson Q2U USB and XLR Dynamic Microphone combines the convenience of digital and analog audio capture into one dynamic microphone, and delivers high-quality audio effortlessly. With both XLR and USB outputs, it is a great choice for home, studio and mobile recording, as well as stage performance. It is simple to set up and comes with a mic clip, desktop tripod stand with extension piece, windscreen, XLR cable and USB cable - everything you need to start recording right out of the box. To use the microphone, you can connect it directly to your computer or mobile device via USB or plug it directly into a mixer or audio interface with an XLR cable. You can also utilize both connections simultaneously for recording a live event or performance. The Q2U even has a 1/8" (3.5 mm) headphone output to monitor the audio you're capturing, as well as the audio from your computer. The package includes: Q2U USB Microphone, Microphone Clip, Tripod stand, Windscreen, XLR Cable, USB Cable.

Price: $69.99 USD

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