FIFINE AM8 USB or XLR Streaming Recording Microphone

Image: FIFINE AM8 USB or XLR Streaming Recording Microphone

Description: Model: AM8. The FIFINE AM8 USB/XLR Streaming Recording Microphone is a dynamic microphone with both USB and XLR connectors that can be used for both play and work. It comes with controllable RGB lighting, a tap-to-mute button, a mic gain knob, a headphones jack, and monitoring volume control. You can start using it with the USB connection and XLR setup. To use the microphone, simply connect it to your device using either the USB or XLR connector. The microphone has a frequency response of 50Hz-16KHz and delivers balanced audio range for smooth mid, bright high and stable bass. It has a directional cardioid pattern that rejects unwanted off-axis noise for vocal originality and intelligibility during your streaming recording. Tips: Keep the top of end-addressing dynamic microphone AM8 facing audio source, and suggested recording range is 2 to 6 inch.

Price: $54.99 USD

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