EENET Fingerprint Padlock (by Eenet)

Image: EENET Fingerprint Padlock (by Eenet)

Description: EENET Fingerprint Padlock is with biometrics fingerprint recognition technology, has low power consumption and long shelf-life. It has usb-port. The USB rechargeable 110MAH lithium battery can support up to one year of shelf-life or 12-months (unlock for 3000 times) from one recharge. The padlock body is made of aluminum alloy and the lock rod is made of stainless steel. 20 different fingerprints can be recorded, including 2 administrators, once the deletion is operated by administrator, all fingerprints will be deleted at once. This fingerprint padlock with IP65 weatherproof protects against dust and water. It is suitable for travel suitcase, tool box, camera bag and tool shed.

Price: $13.48 USD

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