Carote 8-inch Black Granite Nonstick Frying Pan

Image: Carote 8-inch Black Granite Nonstick Frying Pan

Description: Size: 8 inches. Color: black. Material: aluminum. The Carote 8-inch Black Granite Nonstick Frying Pan is a popular and highly rated kitchen tool. It features a unique look with a speckled, slightly-textured granite surface and a handle that looks like wood but is actually made of Bakelite, which is comfortable to grip. The pan is designed to heat quickly and distribute heat evenly without hot spots, thanks to its thick aluminum coating. It's slightly heavy, giving it a sturdy feel when cooking on the stove, but it's also lightweight enough for any flipping needs. The pan is easy to clean and requires just a quick wipe down with warm water and soap after using. It's suitable for all heat sources, including induction and gas. The eco-friendly granite coating is nonstick, durable, and sturdy, making it easy to fry eggs and grill chicken. When using this pan for eggs or pancakes, the taller sides are great for avoiding splatters on the stove. The nonstick surface also makes flipping pancakes easy.

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