Carote 12.5-inch White Nonstick Deep Frying Pan with Lid

Image: Carote 12.5-inch White Nonstick Deep Frying Pan with Lid

Description: Size: 12.5 x 3.5 inches. Capacity: 6.5 quarts. Color: cream white. The Carote 12.5-inch White Nonstick Deep Frying Pan with Lid is a high-quality cookware item that offers excellent non-stick performance. It's made from natural granite materials and is 100% PFOA-free and non-toxic. This non-stick saute pan is designed with a deep pan size to meet different cooking needs such as sautéing, poaching, braising, and deep frying. The pan's interior texture is smooth, ensuring that food releases effortlessly. It also features a flat and extended bottom for even and quick heat distribution. This pan is designed with a handle and a helper handle, making it easy to transition between the stovetop, oven, table, and fridge. It is safe for all stoves, including induction. Double pouring spout make both left-handed and right-handed pouring more convenient and effective. The durable tempered glass lid allows you to monitor the cooking status and helps limit splashes on your stove. When using this pan, it's recommended to use oil or butter, even though it's a non-stick pan, to protect the non-stick surface from directly touching the food. Avoid heating an empty pan and cooking on high heat as it could damage the non-stick coating. Only use wooden, nylon, plastic, or silicone-coated utensils to prevent scratching or chipping the non-stick surface. After use, it's best to hand wash the pan with warm soapy water and a soft dishwashing cloth or sponge, then wipe out the water with a paper towel. When storing, it's suggested to put a paper towel between the pans if you want to stack them.

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