Carote 4-Cup Granite Nonstick Egg Frying Pan

Image: Carote 4-Cup Granite Nonstick Egg Frying Pan

Description: Size: 7.3 x 7.3 x 0.8 inches. Capacity: 4 cups. The Carote 4-Cup Granite Nonstick Egg Frying Pan is a versatile and efficient kitchen tool. It's designed with a 4-cup egg skillet area, which allows you to fry four eggs, pancakes, egg McMuffins, egg sandwiches with cheese, burgers, bacon, sausage, or any other recipe you prefer for your daily breakfast. The pan is made of nonstick granite material, approved by SGS & EUROFIN, and is 100% free of PFOS and PFOA, ensuring safer and healthier cooking. The advanced die-cast technology and 5 mm thick nonstick coating makes it extremely durable. Without worrying about deformation after a long time use. The pan heats up quickly and evenly, making it suitable for gas, electric, ceramic, glass, halogen, and induction hobs. The pan's advanced non-stick coating ensures that even the most delicate dishes effortlessly slide off the pan, allowing for healthier cooking with less oil or butter. The pan's wood handle makes it easy to transition the pan set between stovetop, oven, table, and fridge. Cleaning the pan is also straightforward, requiring just a wipe with a paper towel or a rinse with water. The pan is also praised for its excellent non-stick performance and is a top choice for chefs worldwide.

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