Velo Medium Roast Ground Coffee 7.05 Oz

Image: Velo Medium Roast Ground Coffee 7.05 Oz

Description: 7.05 oz/bag. Flavor Notes: Creating a delicate cupful of mildly nutty, toffee flavor, balanced perfectly with green apple, raspberry and milk chocolate. Ratnagiri Velo Medium Roasted Coffee Grounds have a medium-high body and acidity that comes across in a perfectly full and smooth drink. Freshly harvested from the Ratnagiri Estate (Pearl Mountain) in India, these coffee grounds benefit from organic and biodynamic methods used by coffee farmers who have been cultivating these beans since 1920 with a continued focus on best practices research to produce premium quality roasted ground coffee that enrich the consumer experience. Better Flavor Profile: The rich and refreshing flavor profile of Velo ground coffee comes from preparing medium roast grounds in small batches, unlike dark roast coffee grounds that impart a more bitter taste and have weaker antioxidant properties. Dry: Medium Roasted Velo Coffee Grounds increase the longevity of the Aeropress, French press and other espresso machines. Unlike dark roasted ground coffee, medium roast ground coffee has very little oily surface content and do not clog the valves of the machines. 100% Arabica Beans: As dense, rich ground coffee releases deeper flavors and sweetness, Arabica ground Coffee produces a naturally mild aroma along with subtle and varied flavors.

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