Butter-Nut Instant Espresso Coffee 2 Ounce

Image: Butter-Nut Instant Espresso Coffee 2 Ounce

Description: 2 oz/canister. Butter-Nut instant espresso combines a blend of premium coffee beans that are roasted to perfection to achieve a well-rounded traditional espresso flavor that is smooth, dark, and robust with a gentle sweetness and incredible texture having notes of toasted caramel and chocolate. Just add hot water or milk and after a few swirls smell the aromatic notes of traditional espresso as a lovely crema forms on top of a perfect cup of espresso. Butter-Nut instant espresso gives you a hassle-free experience that saves time and energy, especially in the morning. Our instant espresso powder is perfect for baking and cooking. Make rich mocha brownies, tiramisu, chocolate cakes, ice cream and more delightful desserts. Try it in blended iced lattes, smoothies, Americanos, dalgona (whipped) coffee, and more. Because of our unique roasting process and premium beans, Butter-Nut instant espresso can also easily dissolve in cold liquids such as almond, regular, and soy milks, water, protein shakes, smoothies, and much more.

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