FMP 8-10 Cup Coffee Filters 500-Pack

Image: FMP 8-10 Cup Coffee Filters 500-Pack

Description: 500 filter/pack. Compatible for 8-10 cup commercial coffee machines. FMP 8-10 Cup Coffee Filters are designed for but not limited to Bunn C, S, R, O, VLPF, VPR, VPS, VP-17 and decanter style machines and a variety of coffee brewers. Made from natural virgin pulp fibers. These heavy duty Bunn filters have a semi permeable surface that lets the liquid brew through releasing more of its aroma for a tastier flavor. These USA made filters are compostable and biodegradable, processed through an elemental chlorine free bleaching so they are food safe and does not ruin the taste. Ideal for cafes, restaurants, and home use.

Price: $17.95 USD

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