Rggd & Rggl Yoga Ball Chair (by Rggd & Rggl)

Image: Rggd & Rggl Yoga Ball Chair (by Rggd & Rggl)

Description: Size: 65 cm. Rggd & Rggl Yoga Ball Chair is made from a heavy weight vinyl which is approximately 1.5 times thicker than common brand. Provides more stability and rigidity for the most technical moves. The burst resistant feature ensures safety and performance, as the ball will deflate slowly even if punctured, protecting the user from injury. This Swiss balls can withstand 2100 pounds of pressure. With two adjustable resistance bands, the ball chair enhance poses like back bends, hip openers, and restorative poses for any fitness level. Great as an alternative to a chair while working at your desk or watching television, as the relative instability of the balance ball forces your abdominal muscles to work harder. Also the ball chair can be used at any point during pregnancy by alleviating discomfort in your spine, hips and lower back. Premium PVC material provides an excellent slip resistance for your fitness routine. Just normal soap and water or just water with the cleaning cloth would be enough to clean it.

Price: $25.37 USD

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