GAOYAING Mini Umbrella with Case

Image: GAOYAING Mini Umbrella with Case

Description: Canopy Size: 39 inches. Diameter Size: 34 inches. Folded size: 6.9 inches long. Function: manually open/close umbrella. Color/pattern: 20 colors available for choose. The GAOYAING Mini Umbrella with Case is a lightweight and compact umbrella that is perfect for travel. Weighing only 6.7 oz and measuring 6.9 inches long, this ultra-compact umbrella easily fits into your pocket or bag. The easy-press button allows you to open and close the umbrella quickly and with minimal effort. Built with 6 reinforced fiberglass ribs and a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy shaft, this umbrella is designed to withstand strong winds without breaking. The GAOYAING Mini Umbrella with Case comes with a lifetime warranty. To use the GAOYAING Mini Umbrella with Case, simply press the button on the handle to open or close the umbrella. Shake gently after closing the umbrella to remove any water droplets.

Price: $9.99 USD

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