Amazon Basics Washable School Glue 1-gallon

Image: Amazon Basics Washable School Glue 1-gallon

Description: 1 gallon/bottle. White liquid glue. Applied for: wood, paper, ceramic, fabric. The Amazon Basics Washable School Glue is an all-purpose white liquid glue that comes in a 1-gallon bottle. It is great for school, home, and arts and crafts projects. The glue is ideal for making homemade slime at home or in the classroom. The generous quantity accommodates larger projects and classrooms, and can be used for refilling smaller bottles. The glue effectively adheres items together and bonds with paper, wood, ceramics, fabric, and more. It has a non-runny formula for easy application and dries rapidly. The glue can be adjusted before it dries completely, allowing you to spread it around or wipe away excess. The safe, non-toxic formula easily washes away from hands and clothes for quick cleanup. To use the Amazon Basics Washable School Glue, simply apply a small amount to one surface and press the two surfaces together. Hold the surfaces together until the glue dries completely. If you need to adjust the position of the surfaces, do so before the glue dries completely. If you accidentally apply too much glue, simply wipe away the excess with a damp cloth before it dries.

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