Aleene's Always Ready Original Tacky Glue 118mL

Image: Aleene

Description: 118 mL/bottle. Premium all-purpose adhesive. Applied for: paper, wood, glass, plastic, cloth, and more. Aleene's Always Ready Original Tacky Glue is a versatile, nontoxic adhesive that is perfect for a wide range of crafting, hobby, and household repair projects. This glue features a convenient, no-cut tip for reliable application and an inverted cap stand that keeps the glue ready for action. The thick, tacky formula grabs items on contact and dries clear, permanent, and strong. It is incredibly versatile and works on most surfaces. To use Aleene's Always Ready Original Tacky Glue, simply apply the glue to one surface and press the two surfaces together. The glue will dry clear and permanent. For best results, make sure the surfaces are clean and dry before applying the glue.

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