Baker Farms Gourmet Louisiana Popcorn Rice 2 Lbs

Image: Baker Farms Gourmet Louisiana Popcorn Rice 2 Lbs

Description: A Must in Your Pantry: The Baker Farms popcorn rice is here to offer you an unforgettable gourmet experience, getting you hooked from the very first bite with its unique savory, mouthwatering texture and amazing taste. Premium Quality Rice: Our popcorn rice is an old variety of long grain aromatic white rice, named Della and it’s a “Certified product of Louisiana” grown, prepared and packed exclusively in our facilities. Unique Flavor and Taste: What makes the Baker Farms gourmet popcorn rice stand out is the rich nutty flavor that smells like popcorn when it’s cooked, delighting all your senses with its savory and puffy texture. Wide Range of Recipes: The popcorn white rice is a versatile and tasty ingredient that can be used in a wide variety of dishes thanks to its unique flavor and puffiness. Ideal for rice puddings, snacks, popcorn, sweet treats, but also meat and vegetable dishes or traditional recipes. Enough for the Entire Family: The Baker Farms long grain white rice arrives in a large 2lb sack, enough to cook various recipes and surprise your family, friends, or guests with delicious dishes that will make them ask for more.

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