AstroAI LY2206A 6L Mini Cooler and Warmer

Image: AstroAI LY2206A 6L Mini Cooler and Warmer

Description: Model: LY2206A. Size: 9.84 x 7.28 x 12.2 inches. Capacity: 6 Liters. Color: dark black. Other colors available: blush pink, snow white, teal. Defrost: automatic. Cooling method: thermoelectric. The AstroAI LY2206A 6L Mini Cooler and Warmer is a compact, portable fridge that can be used with both a 12V car and a standard wall outlet. It has a 6-liter capacity, which can store 8 cans with ease. The fridge has a removable shelf, making it easy to separate small items like beverages, cosmetics, or food. It can cool up to 32-40°F (18-22°C) below ambient temperature and keep warm up to 150°F (66°C). To use it, you need to turn the switch to the OFF position before connecting to the power supply. The fridge package includes 2 power cords, 1 AC and 1 DC. Connect the 110V AC power cord to any standard wall outlet for easy at-home use. For use on the go, connect the 12V DC power cord to a vehicle cigarette lighter. Insert the DC power cord into the DC power port on the back of the fridge. Place the fridge on a stable surface, and insert the DC power cord plug into the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle. You can switch the Cool Button/OFF Button/Warm Button to the Cool side, the green indicator light will be turned on; switch to the Warm side, the red indicator light will be turned on. To achieve the quickest cooling, fill the fridge with beverages which have already been refrigerated.

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