Seisso Refrigerator Air Filter Replacement (6 Pack) (by Seisso)

Image: Seisso Refrigerator Air Filter Replacement (6 Pack) (by Seisso)

Description: Size: 3.6 x 3.6 x 1.3 inches. Compatible Refrigerator Air Filter Models Include - Compatible with Frigidaire and Electrolux 242047801, 242047804, 242047805, 242061001, 241754001, 241754002, 241754003, 241791601, 242017800, EAFCBF, PAULTRA, SCPUREAIR2PK, RAF1150, PS1993820, 7241754001, 241754004, SP-FRAIR. Frigidaire Air Filter - Helps reduce odors of the refrigerator, such as onions, garlic, fish, and stale milk to keep food fresher and longer. Refrigerator air filter eliminates foul odors from your refrigerator/ freezer by trapping, neutralizing and removing odor-causing molecules. Reduce odors in your refrigerator and enjoy your breakfast without tasting of the last night's dinner. Activated Carbon Filter - Made of premium activated carbon, which can efficiently absorb odor, volatile organic compounds and remove impurity particle from your refrigerator, helps eliminate odors instead of hiding them. Easy to Install - Simple design for your convenience, it can be installed in seconds, no tools required. Replace filter every 6 months to ensure maximum performance.

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