Canon 2x3 Zink Photo Paper 50-sheet

Image: Canon 2x3 Zink Photo Paper 50-sheet

Description: 50 sheets/pack. Paper type: photo paper. Paper size: 2 x 3 inches. Paper finish: glossy. The Canon 2x3 Zink Photo Paper is a pack of 50 sheets of high-quality photo paper designed for use with ZINK-compatible equipment such as the Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer. This photo paper uses Zero Ink printing technology, which relies on heat-sensitive layers inside the media to form the final image without the need for ink or toner. Each sheet measures 2 x 3 inches and has a peel-and-stick back, making it easy to display your photos wherever you like. The paper is water and tear-resistant, smudge-free, and produces vibrant, high-quality images. The pack includes 5 packs of ZINK Photo Paper, with each pack containing 10 sheets and 1 Smartsheet. To use the Canon 2x3 Zink Photo Paper, simply load the paper into your ZINK-compatible printer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once the paper is loaded, you can print your photos as usual. The Smartsheet included in each pack helps to optimize the quality of your prints and ensure that they come out looking their best.

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