A-Sub 125G Sublimation Paper for Inkjet Printer 110-sheet

Image: A-Sub 125G Sublimation Paper for Inkjet Printer 110-sheet

Description: 110 sheets/pack. Paper size: 8.5 x 11 inches. 125 grams white paper. A-SUB 125G Sublimation Paper is a high-quality transfer paper that is perfect for printing on many mediums. This paper is made by EU raw base paper and is absolutely smooth. It adopts microporous technology to make the ink penetrate the coating through capillary forces. This microporous coating paper absorbs heavier ink, dries more quickly, and avoids color strike-through. The 125G stands for 125 grams per square meter and it's the heaviest sublimation paper. The heavier the paper and the thicker the coating, the better it will hold the ink and saturate your surface. If you want full color, vibrant designs, go for this heavier weight paper. To use A-SUB 125G Sublimation Paper, simply load it into your inkjet printer according to the manufacturer's instructions. The paper is compatible with most inkjet printers. Once printed, you can transfer your design onto your desired surface using a heat press. No fracturing, Fast dry. Transfer rate ≥ 98%. Apply for white or light colored high quality polyester, material with cotton content ≤ 30%, premium ceramic and tile, phone case and metal plate. ONLY work with sublimation ink.

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