Funight KN95 Disposable Black Face Masks 50-pack

Image: Funight KN95 Disposable Black Face Masks 50-pack

Description: 50 masks/pack. Color: black. Other available colors: white, pink, navy blue, and wine red. The Funight KN95 Disposable Black Face Masks come in a pack of 50 and are designed to offer a high level of protection. They follow the GB2626-2019 respiratory protection standards, which require all masks to have a filtration efficiency of at least 96%, meaning they can filter out harmful molecules such as fine particles and dust. Each mask is composed of water column-grade melt-blown fabric, which is more efficient than cloth masks due to its electrostatic properties. The masks also feature a design that increases the width of the ear loop to 5.6 mm, reducing ear pain and enhancing comfort. To use the mask, wash or sanitize your hands before and after putting it on. Place the mask over your mouth, nose, and chin, ensuring a snug fit. Tie it behind your head or use the ear loops, and avoid touching the mask while wearing it. When removing the mask, handle it by the edges or straps, and wash or sanitize your hands thoroughly. After use, it can be discarded, or let the mask rest in a cool, dry place for a day or two before reusing. It's recommended to have multiple masks in rotation, so each mask can have a sanitation break between uses.

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