Airbee Plastic Empty Spray Bottles (by Airbee)

Image: Airbee Plastic Empty Spray Bottles (by Airbee)

Description: 4 bottles, 500 mL/bottle. Airbee heavy duty spraying bottles are made from HDPE plastic, recycle code #2, which is chemically resistant, safe for chemical solutions like Bleach, Vinegar, Rubbing Alcohol etc. Withstands drops and won't shatter like glass. BPA Free. Durably constructed polypropylene spray head (More than 30 thousand pumps test) with 304 stainless steel spring and precision valve and piston for leak & clog free use. Adjust spray nozzle from a fine mist to a steady stream. Extended suction tube gets every last drop. Fluid measurements on the bottle. The unique design 2-finger trigger. Great for Household, Commercial & Industrial Use. Good for cleaning solutions.

Price: $11.97 USD

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