RuiZhuo Caution Barrier Tape Halloween Decoration

Image: RuiZhuo Caution Barrier Tape Halloween Decoration

Description: Length: 25 meter. Width: 4.8 cm/1.8 inch. The RuiZhuo Caution Barrier Tape is a Halloween decoration that features a bold "Do Not Enter" warning, designed to intensify the eerie Halloween ambience in your neighborhood. This fun and spooky tape can instantly transform your home or party into a spine-chilling haunted house. The tape is made from weather-resistant and durable polyethylene, designed to withstand the elements, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its bold yellow background starkly contrasts with the vivid bloody "do not enter" warning, thereby making your Halloween decor truly spine-chilling. To use this caution tape, you can set up barricades or mark danger zones. It's not only suitable for hazardous areas but also as decoration for construction-themed parties or Halloween parties in haunted houses. You can tie or fasten the non-adhesive tape to posts, trees, fences, and more for temporary installations such as Halloween parties or construction work.

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