Meicoly Face & Body Party Glitter Gel 50ml

Image: Meicoly Face & Body Party Glitter Gel 50ml

Description: Volume: 50 ml. Color: white body glitter, other 29 colors available to choose. The Meicoly Face & Body Party Glitter Gel is a holographic body glitter gel that comes in a 50ml tube. It is available in multiple colors, each containing a large number of holographic sequins that vary in color and shine, much like a rainbow. The glitter gel is sticky, so there's no need for glue when applying it. You can apply it directly to your body wherever you want to decorate, such as your face, body, eyeshadow, lips, cheeks, hair, and even nail art. To apply, you can use your fingertips, a brush, or even a small silicone spatula. The product is made with natural safe ingredients and is non-irritating, making it safe for kids as well. Once applied, it stays on for a long time but can be easily washed off with just soap and water. This glitter gel is perfect for various occasions like Halloween, music festivals, concerts, parties, weddings, and more.

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