Ludilo 3D Bat Stickers Halloween Decoration 120-pcs

Image: Ludilo 3D Bat Stickers Halloween Decoration 120-pcs

Description: Total: 120 bat pieces. Sizes: 9 different shapes and sizes (20 Pcs Giant Bat Decals x 3 Shapes in size 9.8", 60 Pcs Medium Bat Decals x 4 Shapes with 2 sizes 6.3" and 5.5", 40 Pcs Small Bat Decals x 2 Shapes with 2 sizes 4.8" and 4.0"). The Ludilo 3D Bat Stickers Halloween Decorations is a set of 120 pieces of bat stickers in 5 different sizes and 9 different shapes. These stickers are perfect for Halloween decorations and can be used to decorate your home, office, or store. They are made of durable and waterproof hard plastic material. The package contains a sticker that you can stick on the surface of the bat stickers. To use these stickers, you need to fold them slightly to create a 3D flight effect. Then, clean the smooth surface before sticking it on. These stickers come with self-adhesive tapes for easy application. They can be stuck on any smooth and dry surface like a painted wall or glass tile. Remember to clean the dust before applying.

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