Hompavo 4-Mode LED Flame Light Bulbs 2-pack

Image: Hompavo 4-Mode LED Flame Light Bulbs 2-pack

Description: 2 bulbs. Wattage: 3W each. 600 Lumens of warm flame-like light. The Hompavo 4-Mode LED Flame Light Bulbs offer a more realistic flame effect, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Party decoration. The bulbs are equipped with four lighting modes: flickering flame mode, breathing mode, general light mode, and a built-in gravity-sensor mode. The gravity sensor automatically switches the flame direction. To change the lighting effect, you simply repeat the operation of the on-off switch. These energy-efficient bulbs use only 3 watts while emitting 600 lumens of warm flame-like light. They are designed with heat dissipation parts to better cool the temperature and extend the bulb's service life by more than 40%. The bulbs come in an E26/E27 base and are available in different colors. It's great for use in lanterns, light posts or salt lamp. And good for use at both residential and commercial locations like living rooms, dining rooms, restaurants, churches, gardens, night clubs, hotels and bars.

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