Chryztal Halloween Pumpkin Carving Set 13-pcs

Image: Chryztal Halloween Pumpkin Carving Set 13-pcs

Description: Tool set: 13 pieces. Material: stainless steel. The Chryztal Halloween Pumpkin Carving Set is a 13-piece professional-grade carving kit designed for creating intricate and eye-catching pumpkins. The set includes 8 fine-point sculpting & carving tools, 2 tooth saws, 1 scooper, 1 etching tool, and 1 drill. These tools are made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. The kit also comes with its own carrying case for easy storage. To use the kit, you can start by choosing the stencil patterns you like and pound them with a hammer. Then, remove the falling pulp. The 8 double-sided detail sculpting tools can be used to perform more complicated sculpting, helping you create realistic 3D facial details such as hair, teeth, nose, and eyes. After carving, you can easily clean the tools by rinsing them with water and wiping them with a cloth. Please note that while the kit is safe and easy to use even for children, adult supervision is recommended due to the sharp tools included in the set. This kit is not only functional but also a great way to create lifelong memories with your family and friends during Halloween.

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