Athena Face & Body Makeup Painting Palette

Image: Athena Face & Body Makeup Painting Palette

Description: Net weight: 272g. Color: 20 colors. The Athena Face & Body Makeup Painting Palette is a professional face and body paint product by UCANBE. It is an oil-based painting palette that is moist, semi-soft, safe, and gentle on the skin. The palette offers richer color-saturated coverage than ordinary makeup and is easy to wear and wash off with olive oil or a professional waterproof makeup remover. It comes with 20 creamy, intensively pigmented colors in a convenient and sturdy plastic case that applies easily with a sponge or brush. The colors can be easily blended together to obtain a wide variety of effects for artistic makeup or special effects coloring. It remain flexible to resist cracking while drying quickly to a smudge-proof and durable finish but minimal rub-off. It works exceptionally well for all aspects of face and body painting such as line work, base work, blending, and layering. To use it, first clean your face with a tissue or wipe. Then use a clean painting brush or sponge to apply the oil on your face. You can blend different colors of the painting oil with a larger brush or sponge for more details, or you can use your fingers directly. Apply the next color after the first color has dried.

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