Zpisf Super Stretch Cobweb for Halloween Decoration

Image: Zpisf Super Stretch Cobweb for Halloween Decoration

Description: Size: 900 square feet. 30 Spiders. Used for: indoor and outdoor. The Zpisf Super Stretch Cobweb is a perfect Halloween decoration that can add a spooky atmosphere to your haunted house or Halloween party. The white spider web looks like real cobwebs, making your house look like an abandoned cabin or your living room like a creepy cellar. Each pack comes with 30 extra fake spiders to give trick-or-treaters and party guests a fright. The ultra-stretchable webs are enough to cover 900 sq ft. of your house indoor & outdoor, weaving all over windows, walls, and furniture etc. They are made of soft material, hand-knotted and durable, flexible to be pulled into any shapes you want. The more you stretch the spiderweb, the more realistic it looks. They are easy to clean up and will not damage your furniture. To use it, simply separate the cobweb into lots of smaller chunks, then start stretching it to make spider webs of whatever shape and size you wish. You can also use stretchy spider web around the chandelier in your dining room for a more effective decoration.

Price: $7.99 USD

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