LuSeren 3D Decorative Bats Wall Stickers 56-pcs

Image: LuSeren 3D Decorative Bats Wall Stickers 56-pcs

Description: Total: 56 pcs. Size: 30 x 7.5 cm (16 pcs), 20 x 5 cm (16 pcs), 12 x 3 cm (16 pcs), 8 x 2 cm (8 pcs). The LuSeren 3D Decorative Bats Wall Stickers is a set of 56 reusable PVC bats, perfect for Halloween decorations. The pack includes bats in four different sizes: 16 big bats measuring 30cm x 7.5cm each, 16 medium bats measuring 20cm x 5cm each, 16 small bats measuring 12cm x 3cm each, and 8 small bats measuring 8cm x 2cm each. These stickers are easy to use and come with double-sided foam tape. To apply them, you need to fold the wings slightly to create a 3D effect, clean the smooth surface where you want to stick them, and then affix them using the provided adhesive strips. Just be sure to apply at least two pieces of adhesives to the big bats. They can be stuck on walls, windows, tables, fireplaces, kitchens, yards, mantles, or any other places to create a cool and scary festival atmosphere. The bats are durable and can be reused in future years if saved.

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