Gootus Face Transforming LED Halloween Mask

Image: Gootus Face Transforming LED Halloween Mask

Description: The Gootus Face Transforming LED Halloween Mask is a unique and innovative product that offers a fun and futuristic party experience. This mask is equipped with 2074 LED beads (2121 RGB beads) and has an LED pixel of 46x58 (irregular). It's made of ABS plastic, PVC lens, and silicone, making it comfortable to wear. The mask can be controlled by a phone app, offering up to 45 animations and 70 still images to choose from. You can also DIY and upload your own photos. If you don't want to use a phone, the mask comes with a motion sensor that allows you to transform faces by simply waving your hands. Additionally, you can add photos or DIY scrolling text on this Halloween mask. The mask requires 3 AA batteries (not included) or USB rechargeable battery, and has an adjustable brightness feature. It's great for parties, Halloween, costume shows, music festivals, Christmas, dancing rave, masquerade costumes, carnivals, bar, nightclub, etc.

Price: $69.99 USD

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